This week on Radio Headspace: what happens when adults remember how to play?

Elements of play, creativity and curiosity are not only a big part of meditation and mindfulness, but they have recently become a focus of media attention, as adults revisit acts of playfulness previously abandoned and left to younger generations.

This week, I go to New York City to talk to Michelle Joni and Shelton Lindsay, creators of Preschool Mastermind, a six week program where professional adults can explore preschool activities like finger-painting, nap time and circle time, all in an effort to achieve their grownup goals.

Shannon and I also take on a weeklong series of missions involving play to tap into our “superhero selves.”

We’re feeling like superheroes at Radio Headspace this week after reaching our thirtieth podcast episode! Get in touch and let us know what’s making you feel like superhero you this week via or on Twitter @headspace.